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Finland is an adventure – play in the Arctic Circle, on a course half in Sweden and half in Finland – with an hour’s time change, or midsummer nonstop play! Sample itineraries are MIDNIGHT SUN with golf in Helsinki, the modern capital. TURKU takes you to the 770-year-old former capital and oldest city in Finland.

STOCKHOLM offers a selection of excellent courses. ALAND ISLAND, half way between Sweden and Finland offers golf and the traditional sauna!

THE RUSSIAN CONNECTION includes ESTONIA a day trip to the thousand-year old city with golf. MOSCOW where you will play golf at the Moscow GC. ST PETERSBURG no golf yet but an exciting city.

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The King’s Road, a historical route dating back to the 13th century, connected the old northern capitals. Now you can combine the scenic beauty and warmth of the Scandinavians with its long and colorful history by traveling the King’s Road in search of the perfect game… will it be in Stockholm, the Alands, Turku or maybe Helsinki?

Finland is both modern and traditional, where high-tech products and cutting-edge designs are displayed in traditional storefronts; where colorful open-air markets have fresh-off-the-vine produce and local wares; where visitors and Finns alike dance and talk the night away in chic clubs and cafes.

(3 Nights)

Day 1 — Arrive in Helsinki, Finland’ s capital, a magnificent city known as “The Daughter of the Baltic.” Take time to explore Helsinki, stylish and spacious. The city is considered by many as Europe’s best-designed city.

Day 2 — Play one of the many courses in the Helsinki area: the Master GC with two 18-hole courses — the Forest Course is a typical field course with plenty of trees, creeks and ponds. The Lake Course for those who want a beautiful lake setting –with an island where an osprey couple watches your game!

Day 3 — A second round might be on the, only ten minutes from the center of the Finnish capital. Founded in 1932 it was the first course in Finland. Or with its championship course designed by Finn, Henrik Wartiainen, and ranked among the ten best in the country.

Day 4 — Time to depart Helsinki for your next stop along the King’s Road. You may want to travel the south coast where you will find quaint old stone churches, iron mills, powerful estates and other sites reflecting life of past centuries.

SWEDEN Stockholm, often called the “Venice of the North,” is built on 14 islands with many canals. Here you can see the modern alongside the medieval. Walk around Old Town, take a boat trip on the canals, and play great golf!


(4 Nights)

Day 1 — Arrive in Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

Day 2 — There are many excellent golf courses in the Stockholm area, you can play the Ullna GC, home of the Scandinavian Open and the Scandinavian Masters. It is regarded as one of the finest courses in Scandinavia and a definite challenge.

Day 3 — Free day to enjoy this picturesque city. Visit the 700 year-old cathedral, the Wasa Ship, the City Hall, and much more.

Day 4 — Golf today on PGA Golf Course or possibly the island course, Fagelbro GC located at the furthest point in Stockholm’ s archipelago. Both are scenic delights and an enjoyable test.

Day 5 — Depart for your next venue . . .

Stockholm is just the tip of the iceberg – extend your stay and visit more of Sweden.

Oslo – Western capital of the King’s Road is not a golfing haven, but renown for beauty. Cruise the fjords and see the sites.

St. Petersburg – King’s Road capital on the east is beautiful and fascinating. Add it to your tour –before or after Helsinki.


(2 Nights)

Day 1 — Arrive in Turku, the 770-year-old former capital and oldest city in Finland.

Day 2 — Golf today one of the challenging courses in Turku the Seaside GC which has big fairways, greens and lots of water in sight! Or Aura GC, host of many European amateur tournaments, set on an ancient castle estate amid 400 year-old oaks. Definitely not an easy
round whatever your choice!

Explore this former capital with its well-preserved medieval cathedral and castle, Handicraft Museum with 18th-century artisan workshops where craftsmen still practice their art and more.

Day 3 — Depart Turku — if the islands are next, take the minicruise and relax as you continue your journey.

ALAND is an archipelago which lies between Finland and Sweden and is considered to be the most beautiful tourist spot in all of northern Europe. You can combine golf with sailing and fishing and enjoy the Finnish pastime-a sauna.


(3 Nights)

Day 1 — Arrive in Mariehamn and begin your island experience.

Day 2 — The Aland GC, designed by Swede Jan Sederholm, has become a popular destination for golfers. Here you have two gems, the King’s Course and Castle Course, play one of the two courses today. The scenery is terrific, the Baltic Sea comes into play on many holes, and the course overlooks the 12th century castle of Kastelholm, restored to its former glory and an interesting place to visit.

Day 3 — A second round of golf today. You are free to shop, sightsee, fish or enjoy a sauna.

Day 4 — Free time before departing on the next leg of your Scandinavian adventure.

REMEMBER – this is just a taste to whet your appetite for the possibilities available to you

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