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Adventurous types will want to tackle KILIMANJARO and try to reach the summit of the tallest mountain in Africa, via one of the different routes. MOUNT KENYA has a four or six day version depending on whether you want a gentle walk or a longer trek.



Climbing Kilimanjaro offers many pleasures beyond the accomplishment of reaching the ‘rooftop of Africa’, 19,340 feet above sea level.  You see dramatic changes in the landscape as you proceed, beginning with the dense forests of the lower slopes and culminating with the majestic snowscape of the summit.  There’s more than on way up, but here is one for you to try…

DAY 1  Morning transfer from Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport to the Kibo Hotel, near the village of Marangu.  Your day is spent organizing equipment for the climb and perhaps hiking in the Kilimanjaro Forest.

DAY 2  In the morning you walk through the Kilimanjaro Forest, which contains gnarled fig and wild date palm trees.  Mandara Hut, at the forest’s upper edge, is your midday destination.  You may be lucky enough to see a troop of Colobus monkeys in the trees along your way.

DAY 3  On today’s trek, you will walk through Kilimanjaro’s giant heather zone to the alpine moorlands.  This area is vastly different from the forest, with hugh stalks of lobelia, giant groundsels and exquisite everlasting flowers.  These plants have evolved special mechanisms to survive the freezing nighttime temperatures.  The beautiful green scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird makes its home here.  Overnight Horombo Hut.

DAY 4  This morning you will climb to the ‘Saddle’, the barren high-altitude peak of Mawenzi.  If the weather and cloud cover permit, you have fine views of both.  After viewing this splendid panorama, you will continue to Kibo Hut, which is located just below the slopes leading to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

DAY 5  Before sunrise you set out on the climb to the summit of the mountain.  The hike takes you along steep and rocky stretches to the rim of the crater at Gillman’s Point.  The view is exhilarating — a spectacular snow-covered mountain landscape.  The huge crater below you contains the large ‘Ash Pit’ and steam vents.  Continue to Uhuru Peak, the true 19,40-foot-summit of the mountain.  Then descend back to Horombo Hut, where you spend the night.

DAY 6  Today you descend back through the varied zones of the Kilimanjaro slopes, arriving midday at the Kibo Hotel.  The afternoon is at leisure to reflect on Kilimanjaro and to relax from the rigors of the climb.

DAY 7   This day is at leisure until you transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport or Arusha.


MOUNT KENYA, Africa’s second highest mountain and an ancient volcano, lies astride the equator to the height of over 17,000 feet above sea level and snow is a permanent feature.  The walk up the mountain takes you from the game-filled forests, through moorlands to the Alpine zone below the  final glaciated slopes of Batian (the main peak).  The Sirimon Track offers some of the best views of the main peaks.

DAY 1  Morning organizing equipment.  Lunch at the lodge before driving to the Sirimon Gate, 11,000 feet.  Afternoon walk to acclimatize.  Overnight at the camp.

DAY 2   After breakfast ascend to the Liki North Valley, 13,000 ft. to camp overnight.

 DAY 3  Climb out of the North Valley and into the Mackinder Valley, 14,000ft.  Camp at the valley head.

DAY 4  The ascent of Point Lenana, 16,355 ft. will take approximately four hours of stiff walking to reach the summit.  Then descend to the Teleki Valley to new Mackinder’s Camp.

Day 5  Descend to the Met. Station, roadhead, on the Nero our Track and then back to the lodge.

DAY 6  After breakfast return to Nairobi.

NOTE:  For those who prefer a gentle walk visiting the lower moorlands on the Sirimon Route with views of the peaks, you can spend one night at the base lodge and two nights on the Sirimon Route.  For the very fit, a special trip to Point Lenana can be arranged.

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